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Most of the time when you visit a coach or motivational speaker’s site, the first thing you may meet is a list of their achievements. It tends to be inspiring but intimidating in equal measure. I know what that feels like. My name is James Karundu and welcome to my personal site. Here, I will share my journey with you. I, like you, desire to live my fullest life NOW! Not tomorrow, NOW!

Why? Because believe it or not, despite what people say around you, YOU CAN! I want to work with you to stir your Passion to live a legacy that will inspire generations to come. As we celebrate our victories, I will also share some of the things I have done to overcome my personal struggles. What it took to start my business from scratch and the long man hours to ensure it grew. I too, almost gave up several times along the way. I will share with you what it took to keep going and pay off all the massive debt I accrued as I set up this business.

But before we get into that, let me share with you a little bit about myself. I was a Math lecturer for 18 years. Math always intrigued me. It’s about problem solving, getting answers and solutions – sometimes using different routes. It was fulfilling, but the more I taught, the more I realized the constant struggle my students had, it was their attitude toward life in general. It was very defeatist and negative. They saw impossibilities instead of a challenge to try something new and different.

What they needed was guidance and encouragement to understand the concepts and follow a few examples. And with that the concept of math was shifted from impossible to possible and fascinating. And that’s what I do as a coach and mentor, I help you see the possibilities within your reach and guide you to utilize them for your personal success.

Fast forward to 2016, pep talks and encouragement to my college students blossomed into a full-fledged business in Passion building; PassionBiz Academy. I am now guiding service providers and entrepreneurs as a business coach and mentor with three books authored and I am more excited than ever to keep writing more books.

I have learnt how to maximize my networks through Toastmasters Membership, being a director consultant with Business Network International (BNI) and speaking to numerous groups and individuals across Kenya. You can do this too, if you are willing to take the first step of realizing, embracing and living your passion.

Welcome once again to JamesKarundu.com, where your passion will be re-awoken. It is also the place you will get insight from great minds sharing new ways of thought, practice and profit from Passion that will leave your life forever changed.


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