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The BIG leap

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I have taken a series of different classes with James since HYB. I am hungry and yearning to constantly learn something new and grow. With the mentorship that I have undergone the last year, I was finally confident enough to kick off my own business, Debt Management Solutions.

I use the principles I learnt from my own process of debt relief and share it with others. I now train people to get out of debt and earn from it. It feels surreal. I took another course with James, Market with Confidence. I realized selling debt management to the market was not as easy as I thought. I spoke to friends and family informing them that I could help them. But there were no responses. People would see me as a debt collector and auctioneer, out to shame them. That’s when I realized that debt management was a very personal issue that needed to be packaged well and handled with care from the course.

My shift in approach was now toward financial management. People now seemed more comfortable with that. I started receiving word of mouth referrals, I sent out newsletters and now networking. I deliberately make time to network and engage with people and it is slowly and steadily paying off. People are beginning to know me and the services I offer. Just through networking I was invited to be a panelist at Passion Profit’s monthly meeting – Thrive. I am genuinely proud of myself.

I have learnt also to celebrate every small win. No matter how small it seems, the fact that I took the step and did my best is worth a celebration. I live by the belief that the time to start is now, with what you have, where you are, no matter the circumstance.

By Paulyn Wairimu icon-profile

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