Keys to financial self-improvement

In this program, James shares the five keys needed for financial self-improvements that include; mindset shift, tending to the desires of the heart, my money map, monetizing your brilliance and the company you keep. He counters the assertion that handling money is a very difficult task and proves how simple it is for an individual

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Mentor for profit

Under this programme, James shares trends and opportunities in the mentoring and how to launch a successful training or mentoring program that earns Ksh. 50,000 + monthly even on a part-time basis. You are assured to learn how to train your clients and give them a push, support and accountability needed to succeed.

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Financial Self Improvement

This program teaches you to turn around your finances, get paid more and get your life back on track. It is fit for you if you are a service provider who struggles to ask for what you are worth, are always worried about your finances and have never ending debt.

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Unleash your Brilliance (VIP Date)

This is a program dubbed VIP Date is a day/half day of direct mentorship with James Karundu. Under this program, you will meet James and other like minded individuals in a hotel where you put your issues on the table, brainstorm and find solutions together. The program also offers the perfect platform for networking, value

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Discover your Profitable Niche

Knowing your niche is the most important step in your entrepreneurship journey – helping you get clarity to your why as well as how to build your business and make profits. Discover your Profitable Niche is a 30 day Quick Start class for start-ups, service providers and entrepreneurs ready to step out and relaunch now

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Exit to Entrepreneurship

This 5-week program aims to guide exiting employees on how to transition from formal employment to running their own businesses. It gives them clarity about their brilliance and the opportunities that await them. The course teaches you how to avoid expensive mistakes people make when exiting employment to entrepreneurship without a clear plan or vision.

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Market with Confidence

This 5 week program prepares you to get high paying clients and generate higher income. It provides clarity around your marketing and helps you to identify exactly who you should be marketing to. The program seeks to eliminate ‘the disconnect’ between your marketing message and the targeted recipients by fine-tuning and making it very clear.

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Write Your Book Now

James Karundu has taken upon himself to mentor aspiring-authors to write and publish books in a year or less. The 90-day program is designed to offer a step by step, guidance, support, and accountability for Aspiring and first-time Authors. Throughout the process, James will help you get started and running, get you to clarity about

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Harness Your Brilliance

Did you know that you can make money from services you have rendered free for years in 90 days or less? Harness your Brilliance is a program is designed to give you the confidence to follow your passion and make money from it, whether you are employed, starting out in business or you would like

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