Unleash your Brilliance (VIP Date)

This is a program dubbed VIP Date is a day/half day of direct mentorship with James Karundu. Under this program, you will meet James and other like minded individuals in a hotel where you put your issues on the table, brainstorm and find solutions together.

The program also offers the perfect platform for networking, value exchange, marketing and communication. You will also get a chance to be enrolled to Inner Circle, an exclusive new program by James where you will get access to top notch mentorship for your entrepreneurship journey.

You will also get customized guidance, inspiration and support to navigate changing times and help your business thrive and survive.

Under the Inner Circle, you will also get one free monthly business building training as well as access to select business owners via closed WhatsApp groups.

The benefits of this program are massive, with the icing on the cake being able to access never released videos, resources and articles from James Karundu and other experts on a regular basis.