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Growing one day at a time

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One thing that I loved about Harness Your Brilliance was the amount of clarity it gave me. James made me ask myself, “What transformation am I making?” This helped me see what my personal vision was. I understood my story better. In the last post I mentioned that I wasn’t the Engineer like my husband, Kahora. I laugh, academically we were so different.

Parents today that I meet in my line of work as administrator at Winka Academy, seem to be focused on great grades, but tend to forget that values need to be instilled in children. One teacher gave me hope. When I was in standard eight after years of struggle my class teacher told me, “Rosslyne, there is hope.” I believed her. It changed my attitude in High school even though I still struggled. I knew that I could make it. Being clear on my own story and my vision, helped me transform how I do business. I am in the business of hope. There are some kids whose ‘C’ is the equivalent of another child’s ‘A’. Those children need love and support. That is why Winka Academy’s tagline is “academic excellence delivered with love.”

Being a parent of three, I began to learn how dependent kids are of adults. They trust and believe everything that you say. That is why I am so careful with the environment my students learn in. The word’s “can’t” only stifle your child from an early age. James tends to give assignments in his programs that make you really think. I recall one assignment he asked me to look back at my childhood experiences and find out what influence it has had. I remember once being asked as a child what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said an architect. The response I got was, “Why don’t you tell her that girls don’t do those kinds of jobs.” I felt embarrassed.


That experience and numerous others with the teachers really did affect me. And there has been a conscious effort on my part to unlearn those negative aspects. And learn new things. And this brings me to the other lesson I learnt under James’ mentorship – learning to assert myself.

I realize as a Christian at times we tend to be foolish, we hide behind our faith thinking that we shouldn’t speak up or say no when we are being inconvenienced. I have learnt that if something doesn’t align with my vision I will face the person or situation and say ‘no’.


And this has lead me to another lesson, understanding my value. At the beginning of 2015, when my life and business was on an upward turn, I lost 75% of my standard 6 students. I was devastated. I recall talking to James about it and he simply asked. “Wherever your children have gone will they stand out?” It took me aback. The answer was yes. And I realized that that was the whole point.

It has been up and up every year with the children. I have found myself not only seeking but being sought after by individuals who align themselves with my vision. I have started compulsory classes from Pre-unit to standard eight in Chess, Music and mentorship. And also run weekly session teaching children values based on Biblical principles. I will tell you more about that in future posts.

The clarity I received redirected my thinking and now I find myself pushing the boundaries seeking better learning opportunities for my students. I discovered what James calls, ‘Unconscious Competence.’ I love to coach and mentor, and thanks to the Mentor for Profit I now have two new mentorship programs. I now run an alumni program for my students who have graduated 3 times a year during the holidays which is heavily peer to peer driven. And I also started a new business; Breakthrough Parenting Solutions. And I also run a network of Christian Mums in Business. I will share more about this as we go along.

I feel alive and now I see more possibility everywhere I go. I want people to embrace their God wired peculiarity and use that to flourish in life, just as I am learning to do.

By Wairimu Kanyi Wairimu Kanyi

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