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Connection to greatness

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James and I were school mates, we studied our ‘O’ levels together. Decades later after years of work, a mutual friend of ours contacted us, with the idea of establishing an investment club. In 2012 James and I were re-united. We caught up and got talking. At the time I had left employment and was running a consultancy, but I also wanted to do more. I wanted to start a personal finance management program. James had been in this line of work, so it was a good idea to get some insight on how to go about creating the program.

In 2013, I signed up for Harness Your Brilliance. It gave me a lot of personal insight on myself and also on how best to structure my programs. I had worked in Insurance across Africa for about 20 years. I moved from simple insurance sales, to training sales teams and managers on insurance sales. I found myself drawn to training. Traversing the continent was initially exciting, but with time it wore on me, I was not able to spend as much time as I liked with my family. The pace was very frustrating, I realized with time that this traveling just wasn’t working for me.

In 2009 when I first left employment I established my first company – Citadel Consulting. Citadel’s core business is Insurance sales training for corporates. I also offered corporates personal finance management training programs for their staff. I later started a digital media firm, but that soon folded.

During the corporates personal finance management training programs, I would get a lot of requests from people to offer training to their spouses on the same. The only challenge with the offering I had at the time was it was limited to companies. I soon saw a market need for this with the growing demand and requests. And just as fate would have it, I re-united with James and I found out how best to create a program for personal finance management. I learnt from James the importance of growing and informing my networks. I began a weekly e-newsletter -Wallet Word, where I share information on new innovations and success stories. I also run a semi-monthly radio show on personal finance on Waumini Radio on alternate Tuesdays from 8 – 9am. And because of that I was approached by SME Today magazine to contribute articles to them. Through this business mentorship with James, I have reconnected with my writing.

I used to be the guy in High School people would approach to write love letters for a girl they are trying to woo, or keep. And in exchange for those letters I would get every High Schooler’s prized commodity, bread. If you don’t believe me, ask my wife! She still has all the letters I wrote her. I have always had a way with words, and there is nothing more thrilling than being able to do what I enjoy and earn from it. I have now also started a new training program for young college graduates hoping to enter the job market. This is a great program to get them ready for the market post campus – Wealth Creation Master Class. I will share some more on this in my next post. In the meantime you can visit our site for more details.


By Wahome Ngari Wahome Ngari

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