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James has been coaching for many years. He is a motivational speaker, author of 7 Keys of Success Beyond Chance and GO FOR IT. He specializes in teaching top acheivers, entrepreneurs and service providers how to harness their passion, brilliance and expertise so that they can step out, help more people, make a bigger impact and a higher income in  90 days or less. To succeed, aim to work with ideal clients who want what you have to offer a.k.a. your tribe. This refers to a group of people with common characteristics, issues and an unmet desire or challenge, one that you are best at solving. Find out more by enrolling in this course.

Harness your brilliance

Advanced, 2 year course

Passion to profit

6 month course

Elevate your business

Advanced, 2 year course

Mentor for profit

1.5 year course

Other interesting stuff

We pride ourselves in having interesting resources that empower you to become better at what you are doing, harnessing your brilliance, avoiding common pitfalls. Every first Thursday offers you an opportunity to sample our talks.

  • Being a success coach
  • 7 Keys to mentorship
  • Write your own book
  • Get unstuck & get moving
  • Get going
  • Business mentorship
  • Beyond chance
  • The game changer
  • Providers & entrepreneurs
  • You are not alone
  • Portrait of success
  • Go for it